Teamspeak is a VOIP service, which basically enables you to talk to people over Internet in real-time. It is mainly used by gamers in order to enhance their teamwork, as verbal communication is often much faster and more efficient than typing things in the chat during some of the more hectic gameplay situations. Also the in-game voice chat of LOTRO is fairly poor.
As such it is also used by The Grey Guard, mainly in raids but it has also been found very useful in many of the harder instances of the game. Our server is available to all full TGG members at all times.

Step 1: Go TeamSpeak!
Go to the address then head out to the downloads-section and download the TeamSpeak 3 Client.
Choose the 64-bit/amd64 version if your operative system is 64-bit. If you're unsure download the 32-bit/x86 version instead.
After downloading install the program to your desired location.


Step 2: Setting it up

When TS3 starts for the first-time you will have the option to make some configurations. Let's check them out.

The wizard

First step is to enter you nickname. In sake of simplicity we prefer if this is the name of your main character in game. It just makes it easier to keep track of everyone.

Enter your nickname

Second step is to configure how to use the microphone. I recommend to use Push-To-Talk and set the key to a key that works for you.


Third step is to test the microphones setting.

Testing the microphone

Fourth step is enabling mute sounds with a key-press. This is up to you if you want to use or not.

Speaker mute

The fifth and last step is just there to tell you that the configuration is finished.

All done!

Step 3: Using TeamSpeak 3

TS3 might look like this when it starts.

Starting teamspeak

Let's configure a Bookmark so that you easily can connect to the TGG TS3-server.


Click "Add Bookmark" to add a new server. Fill in the information shown in the sidebar to the left (only shown if you're logged in on the site). When you are done press "OK".

Enter server-information

To connect to our server just click "Bookmarks" on the menu and choose "The Grey Guard".

Connect to The Grey Guard

As simple as that. :grade:

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If you set the "Auto-connect on startup" option after pressing "More" on the bookmark page, Teamspeak 3 will always log you into The Grey Guard's server when you launch it.


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