Rules & Guidance Notes


This is required reading for new recruits!

As a kin, the Grey Guard is built around four core principles.


All members of the kin show respect to the kin, those who travel through Middle Earth with them, and the roleplay nature of the Laurelin server. This includes how you communicate in open forum and how you name yourself.


The kin offers a home to raiders and roleplayers alike with the understanding that the diversity of the kin helps make it what it is. The views of all are considered of equal worth and value.


The kin is a large diverse group which offers considerable experience around how the game is played and the depth of knowledge with regard to the world of Middle Earth. We support each other in the times of darkness.


We are all here because we wish to enjoy these travels with the fellowship. Take this spirit in mind when surrounded by a horde of orcs and remember the good times, for there will be many.

These principles should lie behind all the decisions we make and we ask that you embrace them when travelling through these lands. We have derived the kin rules from these principles, setting out the specifics with regard to behaviour within the Grey Guard.

The 10 rules

  1. Show those around you (both to non-kinmembers and kinmembers) respect and conduct yourself in a professional and honorable manner at all times.
  2. Do not use excessive profanity or other offensive language in front of others.
  3. Construct proper and meaningful sentences using correct grammar and punctuation. Do not use l33t (leet) speech anywhere in game or on the kinship forum.
  4. Stay 'in character' at all times when using the /say and /shout channels, out-of-character (ooc) talk and smilies in these channels are not allowed. Respect all others right to role-play their character at all times, the Laurelin server is after all a Role-playing server.
  5. Encourage intelligent and amicable debate rather than argument. Remember that we are all here for our love of LOTRO and Tolkien, so respect the opinions of others, even if they do not meet with your own.
  6. Always try to help an ally in danger as they may come to your aide when it matters.
  7. In the Grey Guard the kin leader and officers form the ruling body. Please remember that they make decision that are for the benefit of the kin as a whole. You should respect and abide by these decisions even though it might not be to your own personal liking.
  8. Characters First and last names must respect the rules of the role-playing server, players will not be recruited that have inappropriate first or last names.
  9. Have plenty of fun experiences and great adventures! But remember that loot are just shiny pixels and not worth fighting over, if you are only after loot then the Grey Guard is definately not for you.
  10. If you play against the kin principles or do not adhere to these rules, you can be removed from the kin.
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