The Grey Guard cordially invites any mature and friendly players on the Laurelin Realm to join us in our adventures throughout Middle Earth.

Sometimes we visit scary placesWe are an active kin that have been around since May 2007, with members from all over Europe and even some from other parts of the world.

The primary agenda of the Grey Guard is to have fun, which among other things involves fellowships, raids, light RP and just standing around while chatting away in kinchat (which is mainly OOC by the way). Even though many of us greatly enjoy raiding and role-playing we are not a pure raiding or RP-kin, and if you expect those things in abundance this is probably not a kin for you.

If you think you would like it in the Grey Guard please feel free to register here on the site and apply for membership. When you've done that contact one of the officers in-game. If we don't reply immediately then please be patient, we may be busy, but will do our very best to get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Since most of us are rather old (at least in age) we wont accept recruits younger than 18.

After registering here on the forum and getting an in-game invitation there will be a period of mutual "settling in" when you can see if this is the kin for you, and if it isn't you are obviously free to leave at any time, but also when we can see if you are someone we are looking for.

Please read our Rules & Guidance Notes before you apply!

Welcome to the Grey Guard!

Our Officers

Please contact one of our officers in-game for an invitation to The Grey Guard. The officer most recently active on the site is displayed at the top.

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