Raiding Rules


These rules are currently used for all TGG raids.

The purpose of the points system is to make loot distribution during our raids less random, more fair and rewarding for the people who invest a lot of time in raiding, while still keeping it exciting for new or infrequent raiders. Players gain loot points for participating in raids and can spend these points to increase their chance at winning rare loot obtained in the raid.


  1. All raiders start with 100 points. Any new raider joining the list starts with 100 points.
  2. All raids have their own lists (currently lists for Dol Guldur, Ost Dunhoth and Draigoch).
  3. A point roll is where you wish to use points to gain an item. All players that wish to roll their points (/roll <number of points>) and the winner gains the item. This continues until there are no items that players wish to roll their points for. A player can only make one point roll per raid.
  4. If there are items left, these are treated as greed rolls (/roll 100). A player who has won something using points can still make a greed roll. This roll does not use points.
  5. Settings and runes are always handed out on flat 100 rolls. The raid leader decides if settings are always given out first, which is recommended, or if each raider is asked what they want.
  6. At the end of the raid all players who have not won any item get an additional 50 points. This includes those identified by the raid leader as reserves who were noted as being online at the raid start time.
  7. At the end of the raid all players who have won an item have 250 points deducted from their score, with the minimum number of points being 100.
  8. The maximum number of points that any player can accumulate is 1000.

Getting Loot points and Attendance points

Since our raid leaders do not use the "first come, first served" approach when selecting people for the raid, attendance points were introduced in order to give everyone a fair chance to participate in raids. Whenever a player signs up for a raid and is not selected to participate s/he gets 1 attendance point. Players with a higher number of attendance points have a priority over those with a lower number of points. Attendance points for players that have participated in the raid are reset to 0. There are separate attendance points list for each raid.

  • Anyone who signs up for a raid and is set as reserve gets attendance points. They do not have to be online.
  • Anyone who signs up for a raid and is set as reserve and who shows up on time gets both attendance points and loot points. Being there at the start of the raid will be enough to earn the points.
  • Anyone who is selected for a raid and doesn't show up gets nothing.

Loot and attendance points lists can be found in the Raiding section of our forums.

An example

Four hobbits decides to leave the Shire in search of adventure. After an interesting fight with a barrow wight, it was revealed that there was one really nice Dundain knife, and a few trinkets which weren't as valuable. The knife was acquired by Merry.

Result: All four hobbits (Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin) start with 100 points. When the knife was revealed, all rolled 100 points and Merry scored the highest. At the end of that raid, Frodo, Sam and Merry have 50 points added to their score, whilst Merry loses 250 points to a minimum of 100 points. So the scores are now Frodo 150, Sam 150, Merry 100, Pippin 150.

Later on they have a couple more fights where no loot is acquired, and are joined by Strider, a ranger.

Result: Each fight rewards the participants in the raid 50 points, adding 100 points to each score, and Aragon starts on 100 points. So the scores are now Frodo 250, Sam 250, Merry 200, Pippin 250, Aragon 100.


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