Plugins and Skins


There are a numerous skins available to make the LOTRO UI suit you better. We now also have LUA Plugins to use. LOTRO-Interface is a great source to find both skins and plugins.

If you want to tell the rest of us of your favourite skin or plugin you can just add it to the list below  and write a little description. :gandalf: 


  • Delving Hills
    Barrels, food, grass and flowers. This is the perfect skin for any hobbit.


  • BuffBars
    This plugin provides a bar view(icon, name, timer) or slider view(all effects on one bar) of buffs, debuffs, and pot cooldowns you have on your character. It also includes a dynamic quickslot bar that will popup when curable debuffs or low morale/power conditions exist on you character to enable you to quickly clear the effect. Detailed description.
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