The Newbie Guide to Ettenmoors

Player vs Monster Player

After spending many hours killing other players in Ettenmoors, Nidi and I decided to sit down and write some good pointers down. This little guide is by no means complete and most who have played PvMP before won't find much useful here. You are not, however, our focus group. This is meant to be helpful to anyone that never, or only very briefly, visited Ettenmoors.

  1. In Ettenmoors you play against REAL people.
    People are smart, much smarter than NPC:s. Never forget!
  2. Pick up quests before leaving your safe haven!
    There are several repeatable quests in Ettenmoors. Make sure you pick them up BEFORE you join a raid. It might sound silly but when fighting real people nobody wants to spend time sharing quests before taking a keep.
  3. Group up!
    Soloing in Ettenmoors is not good for your health. Most people that you see, creeps or freeps, are involved in some kind of fellowship or raid. If you see one lone warg there probably are ten more that you DON'T see.
  4. Stay together!
    Strenght in numbers. Never wander away on your own. Follow your leader and stay with your group. The command /follow is very useful here.
  5. Keep moving!
    The longer you stay in one place the bigger the chance is that someone will find you. It is NOT a good idea to go AFK in Ettenmoors, not even in keeps held by your side.
  6. Follow orders!
    Ettenmoors isn't the place for long discussions. If you don't like your leader, find another raid.
  7. Use ingame voice!
    Make sure you can listen to what is being said. Everything gets so much easier if you can hear what's going on.
  8. Win together or wipe together!
    Never ever flee UNLESS ordered to. Do not use Desperate Flight or skills similar to that. If you flee you die or your buddies die. Retreat in orderly fashion. If you die, only release if it's obvious that there is no chance of you getting resurrected. 
  9. Always use Raid Assist Target!
    If everyone hits the same target your raid is more likely to win the fight and get plenty of renown in the process. You find the Raid Assist Window on your Social Panel under the tab Raid.
  10. Stay calm!
    A lot of people are always involved in Ettenmoors, usually several raids at once on either side. Irritation and frustration is a common ingredient here. There are nowhere in Middle Earth where feelings are flowing as freely as here. Try to keep a distance to it all. People that get upset take away all the fun. In the end nothing really matters.
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