Getting Ready to Raid


There are a few in-game configurations that you should make sure that you have set up properly before raiding.

Raid Assist Window (RAT)

Make sure that you have the RAT visible. It's a little window showing you one or more raid members and what mobs they are targeting. Unless something else is said, everyone are expected to help kill these targets.

Raid Assist Window

Skill Target Forwarding

This option is very handy. It allows you to use skills through another raid member. It works like this: You target your fellow hunter and the skills you use is automatically transferred to the mob the hunter is targeting. This is good when you follow RAT.

This effect also works the other way around. If you heal an enemy mob, your skill is transferred to the raid member that has the agro of the mob. This is very good for healing in boss fights.

Skill Target Forwarding

Show the Vitals of Your Selection's Target

This important setting allows you to see who your target is targeting. This is great information since it lets you know if the mob suddenly switches attention between raid members. This will give you the possibility to keep a difficult fight under control.

Show the Vitals of Your Selection's Target

Only Show Dispellable  Effects

This option removes the small de/buff icons that you can't do anything about under your raids members status bars. This will give you a better overview of what's happening.

Only Show Dispellable Effects

Rearranging the User Interface

Depending on the screen you're using you probably will need to rearrange some of the user interface blocks. To do so, hit CTRL + '. Make sure that you have the important information positioned in a way that gives you a good overview.

Learn Your Class!

Raids are designed to be the hardest content in Lord of the Rings Online. This is not always true, but often raids will put your skills to the test. Some people believe that this means maxing out your character stats and using the best equipment in the game. Naturally, this is all well and good, but more importantly, you need to know your class inside and out. Make sure that you know all your skills and how you use them for the best effect, preferably in combination with skills from other classes. The better you know your character, the more likely it is that the raid is successful.

If you need help understanding any specific part of your character, ask the other members of The Grey Guard. We are a kinship filled with helpful people, so just ask away. There are also a lot of good guides on the internet.

DOT:s, Corruptions, Debuffs and Buffs

Words like this fly around and can make anyone confused. They are all about looking at the little icons under your own character portrait and the portraits of both friendlies and enemies. These little squares tells us about a lot of what's going on during a fight. Many of the effects are color coded and will appear time after time so make sure you get to know what they mean. LUA scripts, (you find a lot of them at LOTRO Interface), can make it a little easier keeping an eye on all these effects.

    DOT:s, Corruptions, Debuffs and Buffs    

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