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I figured my children could have fun while learning some English and enlisted them for SWTOR (FTP version for them so far, they are 7 and 9 years old). The three of us play evil Sith on weekeneds and have plenty fun, though I'm not sure about the learning English part... rofl

Anyway, since no TGG member ever goes there, I found myself being The Grim Guard Guild Leader in SWTOR, an undeserved honor/responsibility. No one is ever going to return there?

The game seems to be easier now. The kids reached lvl 15 in no time, and the three of us managed to do the first Flashpoint (Black Talon or something like that, optional trip from Korriban to Dromund Kaas) with no major problems and fairly fast in spite of our clumsiness.

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I am pretty active with various toons on the Progenitor, mostly with Nidimon on weekends. I am in another guild though so I can do ops and so forth.

Daelanna wrote:

Bring two Loremasters with ravens to reduce shadow damage for the whole raid, and do what Nidi said.

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