Class Tree Points


Every class now has three skill trees to put points in as you level up. So you now have a tree to grow. The internet says there are 79 points in total to be found. Here is a little guide that I nicked (and extended) for all of us that might miss a point or two!

At present (Update 17), there are a maximum of 79 trait points available:
47 from every odd level from 7 to 100.
8 from completing the class deed meta-deeds.
3 from completing the legendary books available at level 39.
1 from completing the pair of class quests available at level 45.
1 from completing the Moria class quest chain available at level 58.
1 from reading the legendary book available from the Iron Garrison Guards vendor upon reaching Kindred.
1 from completing Volume II, Book 6 of the Epic.
5 from completing each of the regional quest chains in West Rohan:

  • - [88] The Road to Dunharrow (Kingstead)
  • - [89] All Roads Lead Back to Aldburg (Eastfold)
  • - [91] The Broadacres Betrayed (Broadacres)
  • - [93] Woodhurst Has Fallen (Stonedeans)
  • - [94] To Helm's Deep (Westfold)

4 from completing the four of the regional quest chains in Central Gondor:

  • - [100] A Ruthless End (Ringló Vale)
  • - [100] Blood for Blood (Dor-en-Ernil)
  • - [100] Sons of the Usurper (Lebennin)
  • - [100] Faltharan's Confrontation (Pelargir)

1 from completing Volume IV: Book 2
1 from completing Quest:Ashes and Stars, Chapter 4 in Eastern Gondor
2 from compleating Volume IV: Book 4
2 from compleating meta deeds in Old Anórien
2 from Epic Battles, one point at 100 Promotion Points and another point at 200 Promotion Points

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