Class Tree Points


Every class now has three skill trees to put points in as you level up. So you now have a tree to grow. The internet says there are 79 points in total to be found. Here is a little guide that I nicked (and extended) for all of us that might miss a point or two!

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The Ancient Elf's Guide to the Guardian


For quite some time I have been thinking about writing a guide to the Guardian class and since Dernthir made a most excellent guide to the Warden I though I would use his guide as a template.

There are many things to think of to be a good Guardian, especially so in raids. I have heard from time to time that Guardian is a fairly easy class to play and that is fair enough if you solo or do easy instances, the Guardian does have amazing survivability compared to many other classes.

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The Way of the Warden


Mae govannon maethyr, well met warriors! *Sigh* I suppose that is ‘howdy’ to you hobbits out there. Get your spears and shields and line up in formation, it’s time to talk a bit about what being a warden is all about. And no, we will not be having cucumber lembas for elevenses today, we just ate less than an hour ago! *Grumble* Ílluvatar grant me strength…

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