Adventures of The Grey Guard

This project is a brave attempt to add a more creative element to The Grey Guard and to counterweigh the straitjacket of endgame instancing.

It seeks to combine out-of-game story telling with in-game events to create a sort of old fashioned pen and paper feel for the game. To connect a series of in-game events into a long adventure, fleshed out with written works of fiction.

This is not a completely original idea. It is just an evolution of Tilda's "The Business of The Grey Guard" idea. The big difference however is that each story has a clear "owner". A Game Master if you like. It is the GM's responsibility (and privilege) to push the story forward.

The first adventures you see here might seem a bit specific to the Game Masters own character stories but it's important to remember that in the case of Thradin's and Eiadric's adventures, they started out as pure written pieces in the Methel-Stage and have then been adapted to the adventure form in the briefing room. Nonetheless they are meant to engage the ENTIRE kin, not only the Game Masters.

Welcome to The Grey Guard’s own world of adventure.  Smile

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A Family Tale

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