Kills of Landrils

Yes Bossa is making a new wonderfull trap for the Landril the elf, he is taking us all to a run in BG.

*packs her bow, 275632 sharp arrows, ligth oile and pies for her and Bossa*

So Horsy, you have to take me there, and wait outside the door. *pets the pony* Yes I know its a scary place, but if you see an orc you just run, run like Daelanna and make sure you don’t stop before the shire, I will huntertaxi back and get you. *makes sure she has food for her pony*

*Stands out side the door of BG* Wow this place still gives me a bit of a trill every time I go here.

But maybe today is the day where we do kill the twins. Or maybe we just end up getting killed by the sorcerers all night.

*sees Landril and starts jumping around* Oh yes, oh yes, Landril took the bait. Uh but where is Nehariel, why is she not here *looks angry ad Bossa* What fair dice roll. We had a plan to kill Landril today, and here you come and say, I can’t have my wing girl here to kill him, just because you all fair to all. *takes a pie away from Bossas pile* *looks ad him and takes one more*

Make a new plan in her head, what if I just make the orcs kill him today. Yes that's it, ill make the mean orcs and uruks have there share, and I can help them.

*Looks ad the first 2 guards* Yes Landril has to tank one. Uh and Bossa is his healer.

*Aims her bow and hits the other guard so they all follow the rat* this looks nice and easy, yes we are doing well it the grope. I wonder how Landril I doing. What Bossa is healing him again, stupid hobbit, but that I can fix *evil grin* Yells: Bossa I have some pie over here!! *Looks sweet and aims her Heart seeker right into the back of Landril* Yes, 1 down.

*Sees the fellowship goes up the stairs* wow now there is only uruks and wargs for some time. Well I will have to try with what I got. *looks who is rat for this run* What all eyes on me, that's makes this hard.

*helps Dernthir or his uruk,* yes, yes we are all doing good, they die like flies. *Looks ad Nodlos* What a goblin you say, sure I can kill that, I’m in no hurry to kill the uruks in front.

*Turns and aims just to the right of Landrils ururk* Yes I got him, that's 2.

Oh no, now we are at the first boss, I can’t kill Landril inside this room, that will only make the fight longer. Well as soon as we kill him as soon I can go back to killing what I’m really here fore.

*looks ad Dernthir and how quickly he learns to tank this boss, and how good a champion is to be meat shield* Yes first boss down, now its back to business.

Every thing goes like the plan, and Bossa even looks happy, maybe I even can get away with pulling some stuff and killing the raid. *Pulls a lot for zombies* No not even that works. Hmm.

And the sorceress failed to kill us all with that warg. Hmm, I need to rethink this.

Ah yes 2 guards maybe one of them can kill him, but I need to make Gwynith not heal him. Well okay I run head in pull the guard and make Gwynith heal me. *Pulls a Guard and hopes to see the other one kill Landril.* What is that Guard doing, hmm this is not good. *Aims her bow and kills Landril* Yes that's 3.

Bossa says no funny business now, we need to do a hard pull, and he knows just how to do it. I say they don’t  look all that hard, but if you say so. *fights with all her skills and sees that the rest is struggling with what is left of the pull.* Uh Landril you need a meat shield ad the axe, well I can help you. *Stands next to Landril and eats a pie* Yes that's 4.

So finally we are ad the Twins, oh the excitement is making me jump up and down, just like Nodlos on a pie day. We all eat and buff and pop hope like we are ready to meet doom.

Dernthir takes the boss I normaly tank around, so all I have to do is kill Landril, oh wait maybe not, maybe I can kill them all? Yes im gonna wipe them all. Fist Landril down that's 5 and the a res for Landril so I can kill him again. That's 6 yes it feels right this. *naughty grin* And its wipe ladies and gentlemen, Thank you thank you wary most.

Uhh the trill, that was like a realy good pie day, now we can kill the twins, I don’t need to kill any more kinnish today.

Final fight, we all do what we need to do, the birds takes the eye buff ever now and then, Dernthis tanks his, Landril stays alive and I get to kill the fist twin, yes that's good, we did it we only need one more. And there it was, we did all kill the Twins, we can now go home, repair and make more pies for next BG run.

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