Heroism in the kin

*Goegeurt stands and look at her pony.* “Yes we do match, but you can’t come into the Barad Guldur it’s not safe for a pony, it’s better for you to stand out here with Bossa’s pony and make sure he does not run away.”

*packs her bags with arrows and pie* - “I wonder if I need this winner pie today. Nahh we are just gonna do a lot of learning again today.”

*Takes off some of the tanking traits* - “wow I’m not gonna tank, and I was a good tank, was I not?. Oh well then I’m only gonna kill, kill and kill. Maby even kill Landril.”

“Now the fun starts, we just have to run up, but I have my good 21% hunter speed, so I’'ll be up there before others even enter the main gate.”

“Woohoo I’m rat, so I can kill whatever I wanna kill. Wait, what? I have to kill the shadow guy before the flame one, okay, okay but only if we can make the flame axe kill someone. Ohh noo not Tilda of all the hobbits we have here, and her new pretty dress, now it’s all ruined and dirty.”

The way up is going smooth we take everything down, no big wipes or anything.

*eats a pie* - “Now the running part, we have to run all the way down again while we kill zombies, Yay.”
The kin is getting better at this we only run ½ way down to the fountain, so its quicker to go up and get the next group of zombies.

“The 3 last adds, why is this going so well, hmm well we get a sword and I have to stand next to the tank.”

“Ha the tank needs help, okay lets do that, no wait stand still, why is this guy running around like the tank is placed in 2 places at the same time. Bossa think that Eiadric has been to the Fil Gashan cook boss and got split up in two.”

“So this was the last add, now we are gonna swab Tilda for a hunter.” *waves good night to Tilda*

“The big and ugly Lieutenant fight. Well I’m gonna try to take his pet down today, just like we did last time, and we can see about him.”

*Buffs up, eats a lot of pie and hugs her bow* “We can do it just you believe in it.”

“Woohooo it’s going well, we got the pet down to 50k now we are just about to win. NOOO!!!! What is this 3 man down, and I have to die and quick, stupid minis and there “I can only sleep for so long skills.””

“Okay that’s 1 wipe, not good, well we did know that this was gonna be a lot of wipes today.”

Okay rebuffs, and repairs, food and hope buffs, *get the give 5% more damage buff from the bank* *sets the bow to strengths stance* Locked and loaded.

We run in and we get the the Lieutenant down from his pet, after 3 fear puddles. And we get the corruptions down, all is calm. *Eats a pie while she sends a Heart seeker in to the pet.*

“Wow the running around part looks funny, I’m glad that I can just stand here and pew pew him down.” *looks at the yellow eye over her head* “Nooo I have to run, well okay I’ll run around 1 time then.”

“Yes yes yes we got the pet down, that was today’s Goal. Now we can just focus on killing the main guy, the real reason we are here.”

“Now that’s is the easy part only corruptions and eyes, and slowly he is going down.Wwow only 100k left and yes we are running a bit low on power but the 2 loremarsters are doing well to keep us up.”
“Wow eye nr 3 in a row for me and we are now down to 60K. I’m starting to get a bit nerves for this to be a good run.“

“Noo noo they are dieying. STOP THAT. Move move away from the ghosts. Come on 20 k we can do it hunter power, nuke nuke its all I hear.Well you try and run away and kill and the same time.”

“VICTORY!!!! We got him down!”

*hunter taxi back to the kinhouse for a keg of beer*

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