Brothers Divided

Story Collection: 

This is an adventure led by Savern. It will take you on an epic journey slowly unravelling the mysteries of Savern and the brother he left behind in Gondor.

"Pour me another ale boy, and I'll tell you what I know." The old, bearded man leaned back in his chair and lit his pipe. The young boy, who had just lived through his fifteenth winter, reached for the jug and filled the old man's tankard.

"I'm particularly interested in those two brothers, Savern and Anareed?"

"Anaried. Say it properly boy, a name is a powerful thing." The boy looked down to his shoes, sheepishly.

"They were the sons of Anarthor, who was the son of Anaris, who was the son of..."
The old man continued in this fashion for some time, and eventually the boy interrupted him.

"Errm, as interested as I am in their lineage, could you maybe tell me more about how they became separated?" The boy spoke quietly, not wanting to seem rude.

"Aye, aye, I apologise. No patience in the youth today is there. Well, their father Anarthor was an officer for Lord Denethor. He was stationed at Osgiliath, and when Savern was nine, and Anaried was fifteen, the shadow in Mordor began to rise again. There were constant incursions and skirmishes, especially at that city on the river. Eventually, Anarthor decided to send his youngest son and his wife, Savira, to some distant relatives in Eriador. Anaried was to stay, as he was old enough to begin training to follow in his father's footsteps, and serve the Steward of Gondor. Savern and Savira made the long journey north, and that was the last time for many years that the two brothers saw each other..."

The old man stopped, and stared at the fireside.

"And what happened when they did find each other?"

The old man turned his head slowly and looked deep into the boy's eyes, smiled and tapped his now empty tankard.

"I'll tell you soon enough, but right now... my throat is dry."

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