The Bestest Trapsy Ever

Eiadric-Ehm, guys! I don't think this is such a good idea! No response.

None of the three burglars even give Eiadric a glance. Whispering with heads close together they are busy planning what they like to call "The bestest trapsy ever invented by man... and hobbit! (note by Brinagrim)". Eiadric is not happy. He's part of the plan.

The idea is that Eiadric has to stand looking lost while the three burglars hide nearby. When an orc, or something else evil, comes along, he'll see nothing but an easy target and attack. Then the burglars step in to provide a bit of a twist.

-What on earth could go wrong? was Wudgas comment when Eiadric raised his concerns.

That was fifteen minutes ago. Since then none of them have given him a second thought.

-What could go wrong?! Eiadric thinks to himself. -Everything! I never saw an orc wandering around alone. Not in Ettenmoors. He sighs. -At least the weather is nice. A day as good as any other to die, I guess.

After another half an hour the plan is ready. Tavira, Wudga and Brinagrim look very very satisfied with themselves. They are all quite smug and smile broadly.

-Guys!-Dear Eiadric, Tavira says with a very motherly tone. -You stand here, on this rock, while we hide in the bushes. Don't fear, as soon as any danger arise we'll jump out and kill whatever threaten you. No worries!

-Are you su...? Eiadric starts.

-Do you have something bright yellow to wear? Brinagrim interrupts.

-Eh, bright yellow? What are you on about? Eiadric feels more uncomfortable than ever.

-So that they can see you, clearly I mean, Brinagrim adds cheerfully.

Eiadric sighs again...

An hour later Eiadric is standing on the rock, wearing the bright yellow pullover that Tavira for some reason had in her backpack. In spite of her assurances that it's the latest fashion he's feeling utterly stupid and, frankly, quite frightened.

DooshSuddenly he sees someone walking out of the forrest not that far away. It's an orc! Realizing this Eiadric can't help getting quite a bit nervous. He looks around for his friends.

-Psst! No reaction. -PSSSST!!! Eiadric tries again.

The only sign there are anyone in the bushes is the light snoring and the sound of someone eating pie.

-HEY!!! Eiadric shouts getting the attention not only from the sleeping bushmen and the ever-so-hungry hobbit but from the orc as well. He starts running towards them, and he's not alone. There is some kind of creature running behind him.

-Whaaat? Wudga asks with a big yawn.


-Who? Brinagrim doesn't shift attention away from the pie.

-Who? He asks "Who?"! Eiadric says to himself. -THE ORCS!!! Who do you think I'm talking about?!

-Uhh, hello?!Anger and frustration is rising quickly with all the the adrenaline flowing through Eiadric's tense body. The orc is getting really close. Now Eiadric can see that the creature behind him is a really big spider.

-That one over there? Tavira points from the bushes. -Nah, that's an elf, I think...

-It's an ORC and he's got a spider with him! ATTAAACK!!! Eiadric sounds really upset.

-Big dog, I say, Wudga adds after looking briefly at the orc and spider closing in.

Brinagrim thinks hard. -A lost elf that wants to asks for directions...

An hour later they are all limping back towards Glân Vraig. They got away alive, but just barely.

-ATTACK!!!Eiadric is not at all happy. His new armour is dented and his hair is all messed up. He even has a bad wound on his shoulder.

-You know what, Brinagrim says. -I'm not sure he was an elf after all...

-Nope, and I'm not sure that dog was a dog either, Wudga agrees. -Did you notice it had eight legs?

-What do you know, a dog with eight legs. You don't see that every day, Tavira concludes with a bit of a nod.

Brinagrim turns to Eiadric. -He sure was grumpy... Do you think he might have been a dwarf?

Eiadric sighs deeply and promises himself never ever to return to Ettenmoors...

(Thanks to Doosh and Aroc for helping out with the screenshots.)

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