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With the coming of The Age of Man, and the ever expanding shadow of Mordor spreading throughout the land, a small group of travellers have taken it upon themselves to assist the free peoples of Middle Earth. From a Middle Earthchance meeting at the Prancing Pony in the lands of Bree, these adventurous souls have joined under the banner of The Grey Guard to lend their experience, knowledge and weapons to those who seek to halt the spreading corruption of the Witch King.

With so many under threat this small band of companions have begun their journey into the outlying lands to do what they can to aid those less fortunate than themselves. With the ever looming threat of Mordor close upon them, time is running short as they battle the scourge of evil already threatening Eriador. The fate of this small band of friends draws ever closer, but just as the rising sun will banish the night, there remains the need for balance. There is no black and white, right or wrong for this company of friends, already the path they have chosen to follow has forced difficult choices to be made and companions to fall.

Worse is yet to come, for as the greed of man exerts it's force within the lands many more terrible decisions will have to be made. With only the hope of creating a lasting balance in the world The Grey Guard continues it's fateful journey. In the days ahead many will fall to the temptations of greed and power, but not those serving under the banner of The Grey Guard. Here lies the true fate of Middle Earth, where the courage, valour and determination of a few, will ensure a lasting peace in the times ahead.

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